PHP Development

PHP Development Agency, Wales

Do you need PHP-development or maintenance expertise?

We have 15 years experience as PHP Developers, working on a large number of bespoke projects ranging in size from those catering for the self-employed, up to multi-billion pound Multinational Companies.

In that time we've successfully faced a wide-range of developmental and maintenance challenges. Because of this we believe there's a high probability of our being able to deliver the functionality you need.

We've successfully turned-around the fortunes of many troubled projects inherited from third-party developers, using our vast experience to assess and implement the necessary code changes

We have worked extensively on a range of PHP frameworks, including Symfony, Laravel and Codeigniter. We've also worked on a number of pure PHP projects, i.e. non-framework based.

If you need a PHP developer, we'd be delighted to hear about your unique project, and investigate how we can assist.

PHP Development

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Pricing for PHP Support is as follows:

Maintenance Package rate
Fixed term contract 12 months

Pay As You Go rate