Online Publishing

Online Publishing

If you would like to publish a book, and would like an alternative to the traditional route of approaching a publisher, then you might consider asking us to launch your book on Amazon.

We can convert your book into a pristine Kindle eBook, making it available to all those who own a tablet, phone or Kindle device via the Kindle App.

For those who like to hold and feel the book in the hands, or read at bed-time in the absence of blue-light, we can also prepare a print-on-demand version fully consistent with Amazon guidelines.

Flower of Sands
Architectural Renaissance

Package Features

Launching your book on Amazon on both Kindle and Amazon includes the following:

  • Professionally formatted Kindle eBook version
  • Kindle's NCX table of contents - usually missing for widely used quick-fix exports from Microsoft Word
  • Book cover design
  • Book cover optimisation for Kindle
  • Rear cover design for print-on-demand version
  • Print-on-demand high-resolution cover formatting
  • Professional preparation of print-on-demand interior
  • Submission of Kindle and Print versions to Amazon


Prices start at about £1,000 for launching a short book on both Kindle and Print-on-demand, but vary depending on:

  • Quality of provided files
  • Size of the book
  • Consistency of client in specifying the requirement